Monday, September 21, 2009

pink tries the nude suit

Another female is copycatting BritBrit's ways! Pink performed in a completely nude-colored outfit donned with rhinestones and what seems to be masking tape all over her body last week in Seattle.

First of all... I'm just going to say it. Britney did this whole nude-suit plus rhinestones thing the best. No one is going to top her.

On another note... Pink completely trumps Heidi Montag.

I don't understand the random white stripes, though. It really does look like the outfit started to rip so they threw some masking tape in random places just to hold it all together.

I want to say this is absolutely ridiculous and hideous and stupid and WTF PINK?!?! ....But I know that she puts on an amazing show that I have yet to see, so I will refrain from saying such things.

She probably needs to talk to Lady Gaga before the weirdo freaks out because she didn't come up with this outfit first.



Anonymous said...

pink's body is WAY better than britney's not to mention brit is a brainless hag... pink is the ish

Anonymous said...

i think she looks great!