Wednesday, September 9, 2009

nifty: things to spend your money on

Why shop around the internet for random things you should/can buy when I can do all the work for you?

There are a couple things being marketed right now that are totally worth sharing:

  • The Big Mac Snack Wrap- The Big Mac is amazing, let's face it.... But sometimes all that bread can get in the way. Now they're introducing the slightly more healthy version of the amazing #1. I'm already on my way to get one!
  • Little girls' shirt with booby tassels- Who wouldn't want to raise their kids to know how to rock the tassels?!
  • The Full House box set- It comes in the shape of the house, and it's every episode ever! How could you not want this?!
  • Toppling Tetracubes- It's a real-life Tetris! By real-life, I mean it's not on the computer, on your phone, etc! It tells you which piece to stack, and you have to do it before the time runs out! OMG I want it now!
  • Asian Wine dresses- Sometimes you need to cover the wine label, sometimes you want to spice up your evening... These Asian-style dresses are perfect for either reason.

So break out the credit cards and I apologize for making you spend your money on ridiculous things, but sometimes it's just worth it.


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