Tuesday, September 1, 2009

chris brown is finally talking

The court cases are over, Chris is [relatively] free to talk... As long as he's got his Mama and others beside him.

He's going to be on Larry King Wednesday night [Yes, I will most definitely be tuning in]. Apparently he's still in shock when he thinks about his actions. Here's a sneak peek:

So I'm sure he realizes what happened and stuff, but I genuinely believe he's heartbroken over the whole issue, and not just because he's afraid of his career or losing Rihanna.

He's also going to be featured in People Magazine [hitting the stands on Friday] where he talks about his ongoing love for Rihanna, his differences from his abusive stepfather, and how he felt right after it happened.

Apparently he ran home right after the incident and told his mother everything. I can't imagine how hard that must have been to explain.

If you've followed this blog since the incident, you know I've been rooting for Chris. I still believe that there was a lot of abuse he was receiving from RiRi, and though it's not an excuse, I don't think he should be the only one punished.

Hopefully he can get more of his side out in either of these two outlets.



@iL8on said...

can't wait!!!

sara said...

It's frustrating to see a self-respecting female make excuses for chris brown. I'm a big believer in second chances but this PR rant he's on is making himself look like an idiot. Be a man. Stand up to the public.

rachelmed said...

Please tell me what amount of this so called "abuse" you think he got from Rihanna that would ever justify what he did to her? Forget a man hitting a woman, one person person made another human being bleed, turn black and blue and swell up so bad they become almost unrecognizable. How is that okay? How is there a reason "good enough" that you would still support someone who could do that?

Hopefully you or anyone you love will never have to learn your lesson the hard way to know that abuse is wrong and it is inexcusable. Violence is never the answer even if you come from an abusive past it is never an excuse to hit someone, big or small, man or woman.