Monday, August 17, 2009

watch: kid loves vanessa's tittays

Oh boy.

I always say that grown-ups are worrying way too much about kids nowadays and I hate the fact that the generations above us always got to play outside 'til whenever and do what they want...

Then I see videos like this one and I do two things: Stop wondering why times have changed, and want to slap the kid across the face for being the type of kid who has ruined it for the rest of us. [Yes, I still refer to myself and all my friends as kids. So what.]

I lied. I do three things. I also laugh. Homeboy is uber excited to see a Disney star's "tittAYS" and the irony is incredible.

He's smart, though. Editing videos and stuff... "This small Asian kid." <-- Hilarious.

I need to research this character some more and see what else he's got to say. What a not-so-PG-13 kid this is!


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