Thursday, August 6, 2009

watch eTV: finding the rwdc cast episode 8

Can you believe I'm on Episode 8 already?! I can't!

Last week I grabbed my companion Kasey and we headed to a couple of places that we thought the roommates would be.

Did we succeed or fail?

I love capturing these adventures! Tonight is going to bring another one!

Thanks for watching! I really do appreciate you! I also appreciate any and all comments, and as always- Haters welcome.



BigRuss said...
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BigRuss said...

Elizabethany! I thought you said that your compainions had to do whatever it takes to get into the RWDC Crib. Let me know if you want a companion that will get inside. Fail on the footage of the cast, even seems it might have been a fail of a goodnight. Rhino looked a little lame-o. (haha my word verification is "stink")

wags02 said...

Man you have some haters out there. I hope you don't let any of them get in your way because some of the postings I have seen about you have been cruel. But I think you are great and enjoy all your videos. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

EB, WTF. I thought you were different, at first you had a goal, now you dont care any more. Your blogs and hunt isnt worth watching any more.. Pick it up !!

Anonymous said...

What are you doing next friday? I'd love to go for drinks with you

- A DC intern

Anonymous said...

I am becoming increasingly more disappointed by these episodes. You probably should have quit while you were ahead... oh, sorry, you never were... Spencer.