Monday, August 17, 2009

real world dc takes over the washington post

I just can't hold my excitement in! Also, this article is AMAZING and should definitely be put on blast for everyone to see!

During the filming of Episode 9 I had a special guest along for the ride: Dan Zak of the Washington Post. He was following along with us while we found the cast and documenting everything for his story on the [over]reaction of Real World being in DC.

The story has been done by many people at this point, and there have actually been quite a few angles. The best part about this story [besides the fact that it was in the SUNDAY edition of the Washington Post AND I was on the front page of the Style & Arts section] is that it covers all of the bases.

He didn't just talk to me or Martin. He talked to my companions. He talked to Chris Wiggins of RealWorldDCNewz. He talked to random passersby. He talked to Anti-Real World DC. He talked to everyone.

For that, I commend him, and definitely thank him! And now I think you should read the article!


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Profit Money said...

This was a really good article. I get a better sense of what you're doing down there.

The ending was particularly funny.

Congrats BEth!!