Saturday, July 4, 2009

watch: i made it on channel 9 news

Consider this a teaser for episode 4 if you want.

While I was out at the Real World house on move in day, Channel 9 News, WUSA-9, showed up to cover the story. [PS- PROPS to Lindsey Mastis who was one-man-banding it! She was definitely using the same equipment we did in WVU News too! Super cool!]

Someone had told me they couldn't cover the house, so I assume that's why FOX and NBC and ABC weren't there. The thing is, there's a very different story to be covered about the Real World being in DC besides the fact that they're here.

Lindsey did a great job showing another story-- Twitter taking over so that we can all share information immediately, and the fact that the cameras do in fact notice us, hate us, and oh yeah... Know us.

There's also this video that Mike Sica got during the interviews to show how intrusive these cameramen really were.

Yes, they were really in both of our faces like that. It was terrible and disrespectful. Never were we in their way like that, but whatever. If that's how they want to be, we can still fight back.

Thank you again to Lindsey and WUSA 9 News!!


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Dmbosstone said...

Ya those photographers did break the unwritten rule of not ruining other people's shots. WUSA was respectful during their shooting and the RW production crew should reciprocate. It especially bothers me that since these photogs are most likely local hires that they will continue to give area cameramen a bad rep.