Monday, July 6, 2009

rihanna let almost all of it hang out

July 4th is all about declaring your independence or celebrating it, right?! Well, even though Rihanna's got a new man and doesn't seem to like to stay single, she's definitely going whatever the eff she wants.

While she was out partying, she must have been thinking "eff it. I'll wear what I want and show off what I got."

Her knockers were hangin' out of her jacket and showin' her star nipple-covers.

I mean dang, girl! It's a relatively clever idea, and you're Rihanna so you can pull it off, but it's a little much, don't ya think?

Probably not, I guess. She was in Vegas. And like I said, she is Rihanna. If I were her I would have made one red and one blue, though.


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