Thursday, July 16, 2009

watch eTV: finding the rwdc cast episode 5

The time is here!!!

The cast had been in DC for exactly a week, and that calls for a celebration! So what did I do? Round up the troops and head on down to Cobalt to celebrate with the cast of The Real World: Washington, DC.

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Thanks again for watching! You're the BEST!



@iL8on said...
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Sheldon said...

OMG, u and ur slutty friends were so trashed when you did this. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Whats the point of this video? I just wasted 8 minutes of my life. First you don't tape the action? Thats why i turned it on. Secondly, Alot of information i'm not sure I can share. I'm not going to follow someone who holds back info and just describes the events. Thats why they have twit pics.

Anonymous said...

this epi was weak, I think you're getting too buddy with them, caught feelings, and are becoming soft

Unknown said...

show the fucking footage!!!!!