Monday, June 1, 2009

vh1 is becoming worse than mtv

I'm not sure how reality TV became so absolutely terrible, but it has. [As much as I love it, some of these shows have got to go and be replaced with regular shows again.] VH1 is easily the leader in "stupid, got-to-go shows."

Now, they're adding to their list of shows that I won't watch, but many probably will.

The casting call: Girls who have been married to, had babies with, or hooked up with A-list celebs or athletes in the past and have something to share with the world. Oh wow. Really?!

This will be a lot of dirty laundry being aired and a lot of "OMG this #@*&^@% has a small package and does NOT know how to work it so you B's better stay AWAY from him!!... No way, I don't want him no more!"

And the biggest fans will be those who WANT to be the women who are starring. Gross.

But okay fine, I'll watch it once. That's it, though!!


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