Thursday, June 18, 2009

because episode #2 was a failure

So, I celebrated my birthday by filming Episode #2 of elizabethanyTV's Finding the Real World DC Cast.... And now it's just not working.

After spending hours recording and editing it, it decided it didn't want to work anymore, and now I will have to redo it.

The thing about that is.... I'm probably not going to redo it. I'm filming #3 tomorrow, so #2 is going to get wiped out, and #3 will now be #2. Are you following me?

Okay, so this shall be the typed up, uber quick version of what was #2. AKA-- My response to a certain haterrific blog called "Anti-Real World DC."

First off, I want to thank a couple people who are now following my journey! I checked my Twitter one day and BAM! People were tweeting about me!

So thank you... And I promise to make it interesting! Maybe Kane will discover how awesome his former intern really is within the next couple weeks...

Back to business... These haters apparently live a couple feet away from the house or something, and are hating the fact the roommates, and my future BFF's, will be moving in soon. They're going to party, get wild, have tons of drama, bring lots of publicity, and just be obnoxious. But hey, that's what TV is all about right?!

I feel as though DC has a bad reputation for partying.. As in, we don't know how. False reputation, though. We know how to get down! And by we, I do of course mean the entire DMV, even though the people at Anti don't recognize the M and V.

In fact, for some reason they think people in VA and MD don't go to DC and party... And when they do, they puke outside all the bars in Adams Morgan.

....Interesting. I'm from VA. I go to DC every weekend. I have never once puked from alcohol. Am I alone in this? Definitely not.

They have this map that tells people how to avoid the cast members "like the plague" but I think it's rather pointless. They have liquor stores, a club, and the house on there. Big woop-dee-doo. I'm sure the producers get them whatever alcohol they might want, anyways. Alcohol= better ratings.

Also, a guide to DC for all of the roommates and future best friends of elizabethany. Problem is, I don't know if it's accurate. Sure, I don't LIVE IN DC, so I don't know everything about it... But I know what I've observed in all of my trips since I was born.
  • I know liquor is not cheap. Not compared to other places I've been, anyways.
  • I know people from VA and MD go to DC on a regular basis.
  • I know that the castmates may not be the Harvard grads of the country, but they know to use an AC in the summertime. I also know they will have one.
  • I know the roommates don't bring a car to DC. That's a stupid comment. I also know that they will be given a car, and forced to drive in it for the sake of interesting car-ride conversations. However, I do hope to teach them how to do fun flips and tricks on the Metro after hours.
I did get a little excited when I saw their tips for people who will hook up with a Real Worlder. [DingDing!! That'll be ME!] Then I read it. Bring Penicillin, don't wear Obama t-shirts, do wear Palin glasses, don't tweet from the house, and quit my job.
  • I don't have an Obama t-shirt, nor would I wear it on the show. I'm going to wear much more scandalous outfits that show my goodies.
  • Sarah Palin glasses are so 2008.
  • I WILL tweet from inside the house, and it will say something like this: "OMG I'M INSIDE THE HOUSE ABOUT TO GET IN THE HOT TUB! Everyone's making out and we are totally like BFF's already!" I will also post pictures exclusively to love, elizabethany. You're welcome.
  • Quit my job?! Pff. I don't even have a real job!! And hopefully when I do, they'll think this is all great. If they don't.. Well... Screw them!
Really, Anti-Real World DC is a great blog, and pretty interesting... But no one likes a Negative Nancy. I'm pumped about the Real World finally coming to DC!! Who knows how it will portray DC, but I'm pretty sure none of the seasons have ever made a place look bad, and I don't see that happening this time.

To the people of ARWDC--> If you'd like to switch residencies for the next couple of months, I'd be willing to work out an agreement. It would help in my mission, and I'm sure the roommates will want lovers around, not fighters. Also, I'm glad we share the same birthday weekend! While you are avoiding the cast members, I will be actively trying to find them somewhere in the streets so I can take a birthday shot with them and maybe even perform in the hot tub to a certain song by Jeremih. [Did I really just share all of that?! Whatevs.] Also, I fully enjoy the letter to single ladies. It's funny.

To my eTV followers/subscribers and loyal readers, sorry to disappoint with the elimination of episode #2. No worries, though. The next episode will be posted by move-in day! [SATURDAY!!!]


PS: I'm sure I will add onto these thoughts/give more responses throughout the next couple of months... It'll be more interesting, though.
PPS: For episode 1 of eTV's Finding the Real World Cast, click here.


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