Monday, May 18, 2009

watch: no more food for the squirrels

We've all heard Grandma complaining about the squirrels eating her bird food, but most people have never seen anything done about it. Instead she complains, and we wonder what the point is in having 30 bird feeders in the yard.

Some people do take action against the squirrels, though. Like Vaseline, for instance:

That is so great. I so wish he would have slid down the feeder, but watching him try and climb up the hanger is good enough for me!

It reminded me of the feeder that my corrupting BFF from high school had. Ya know, the ones that spin when the squirrel gets on it:

They're pretty smart animals, really. I mean, as many times as I sat and watched these squirrels get on, spin around, and FLY OFF, you'd think they weren't smart. I say they just wanted a free ride.

Also, the more they try and test it out, the better their chances of finding a way to defeat the spinning feeder. This guy.. He did it.

He wins squirrel of the century. He's holding on with his back legs, upside down, spinning, and EATING THE FOOD. I've seen people take shots in a handstand, and everyone loves a good kegstand, but seriously, have you ever done THAT?!

They're smart, I tell ya. And freakin' hilarious.

Also, they made a FABULOUS imaginary friend named Frankie when I was 6.


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