Monday, May 11, 2009

nifty: pool kool-light-o-scope

OMG. I just found what I want one of my graduation presents to be. [Assuming I will be at my parents' house for most of the summer trying to find a "real" job.]

It's called the Kool-light-o-scope and basically turns your pool into one big kaleidoscope!!!

It's a light that floats around and has constantly changing LCD's which make it so the colors, designs, everything are constantly changing. WHAT!!! SO cool.

Also, it's only $30, and runs on AA batteries!!! How much more convenient can this get?! This is fabulous and I want it in my life.... Now.

I don't even need a sugar daddy for this one! [Although like I said, graduation is 6 days away, the birthday is in about a month.......] This is SURE to boost the family-palooza party into the best extravaganza NoVA has ever seen!


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