Monday, May 11, 2009

listen: spencer pratt RAPS?!

This morning on On Air with Ryan Seacrest, they debuted Mr. Ridiculous himself's new rap song. No, I'm not lying. He really did a rap song.

He's turning his swag on with the first tweet of the day, he's President Rich, and twittin' ya back.

Okay.... Is this a joke?! Seriously... It's a joke right? It's just to promote their new NBC show "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" right?! Please tell me it's a joke and the radio won't be playing this.

Granted, it's better than I expected it to be... But by no means is it good. And I fully agree with Ryan during this whole thing.

I mean... What. Why is he doing rap songs about Twitter and having Lambo's and turning his swag on?! That's awkward.

Give up, Spencer. Yes, we hate you because the media loves you... But we hated you before that, too.


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