Thursday, May 21, 2009

aubrey oday needs to stop

I just have to post this because it really bothers me.

The way Aubrey O'Day treats her dog is sickening. She dyes her hair, and does the whole "I'm going to take my dog everywhere with me and never shut up about my little honey-wunny." SHUT UP ALREADY.

Now, she got the poor dog a bikini. And worse than that, she's hanging by her arms!!

The dog looks helpless, and I want to punch Aubz in the face and then send her to animal cruelty jail to take Mike Vick's place. It's obvious Ginger knows this is not okay.



Anonymous said...

clearly you are a fan of aubreys cause you called her aubz so why dont you stfu and get a life thanks have a great day!

Anonymous said...

It's her business what she wants to do with her dog & her life,so mind your own dang business and get a life for yourself,so you quit hating on gorgeous strong women!

Anonymous said...

Wooow, calm down. I don't think that dog wants help. In fact, there must be a lot of dogs wishing they were her ... I know people who have way less clothes and accessories than Ginger, she's treated like a queen fo' god sake. And it's not even Aubrey hanging her by her arms, it's her assistant.