Thursday, May 21, 2009

why is spencer pratt in a fighting video?

What is with the same couple of people just taking it overboard lately?!

Suddenly Spencer thinks he's SO hardcore, he can help Kevin Casey give a warning to fellow MMA fighters.

First of all... Whoever this guy is, just lost all credibility for A) Making a terrible rap and video to his competitors, and B) Having Spencer Pratt in the video. No one is scared, they're all laughing.

And Spencer... The token white guy throughout the whole video.. Is a camera hog even in someone's video. Watch him. He's sneaking under arms, into corners, over shoulders, anything to get in front of the camera.

I'm sorry, but the curly, bleach blonde hair isn't scaring anyone. We're laughing. AT you.

And BTW, I'm not sorry at all... I just said it to attempt to be nice.


1 comment:

Russ said...

Haha this is great. Before the shoot. "Hey everyone cross your arms and look badass" ." Oh and lets put whitey spencer pratt right in the front, cause he is so bad ass."