Monday, May 11, 2009

aubrey oday is down right annoying

Okay... It's about time I unleash my feelings about Aubrey O'Day.

I want to strangle her. I want to cancel her Twitter account. I want to slam her face into a gigantic cake made of something absolutely disgusting. And I want her to admit that shes a hooker that broke up Danity Kane and needs to get over herself.

Phew. Alright... I got most of it out. Basically everything she does annoys the H, S, F, everything out of me.

For instance, her dog, Ginger. I hate when celebs make their dogs into its own celebrity and do crazy things to/with it. Example: Do NOT dye your dogs hair. Not brown, black, blonde.... And certainly no neon colors.

That's NOT OKAY! These are all from her Twitter account, and she says that they are always sporting their green for the Celtics [her obsession with them is ALSO obnoxious.] so she dyes Ginger's hair. She also says they share everything, like cupcakes. Ugh I can't even look at this dog right now.

Moving on: She thinks she can do ANYTHING and it be okay. She also thinks it's okay to dress like a slut. She went to a wedding this weekend and decided it was another fabulous time to show off her boobs.

I don't care who's wedding it is, there's no need to be wearing the dress she is. Everyone else [minus the green dress with what looks like a bathing suit top] looks good! I'm not even going to touch on her hair.

There are a million other things I could touch on, but I'll just give one more recent example. She decides to post a "Twitter Exclusive" tonight of her vajayjay.... When she was 2 years old. Of course she made it some big deal, though.

She probably wants a picture of her p-word to leak right now so that she can be in line with Rihanna and Cassie. I wouldn't be surprised if she did it herself.

Maybe this could be another ongoing things. "Reasons to hate Aubrey HO-Day." I like it.

I just really hate her. Ugh! Angry.


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