Sunday, April 26, 2009

watch: yes, she did it again

Okay.. I'm just going to say it. My girl Britney is a hott mess. I'm alright with it though. Why? Because she gives me things to talk about on here that involve her.

Unfortunately, she didn't yell anything random/ridiculous/hilarious at one of her recent concerts. Instead, she lost a part of her.. Mmm.. Costume.

Hey! Don't hate on her for losing her weave! It happens ALL the time in high school hallways across the country! And! What celebs DON'T have weaves/extensions these days? Carrie Underwood never steps on the red carpet without one!

She also let something hang out... Something most girls double, triple, and quadruple check before walking out in a leotard or bathing suit.

Yikes. Yeah, not a good look. It is like FLASHIN' too... But who cares?! S happens....!

And seriously... A hott mess is better than a train wreck, right?! True statement.


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