Friday, April 24, 2009

these people need to find jerry springer and pronto

Oh wow. This is a pretty crazy story. Make sure to follow me as I tell it.

First of all... If you can't get your wife pregnant, and you have $2500 you're willing to spend to make it happen.. What do you do? Hopefully not what these people did.

Demetrius and Traute are husband and wife.. But to make this easier, I shall call them Bob and Sally. Bob is sterile.

They have a neighbor named Frank, who is married to someone who I'll call Mary. They have 2 kids.

Bob hires Frank for $2500 to impregnate Sally. They have sex 72 times. Still no bun in the oven.

So, Frank goes to the doctor to see what's up. Turns out, he's sterile. Hmmm.. That's weird. He has two kids... Doesn't he?

Sure doesn't. This is when Mary tells Frank "Sorry honey... You're not the father of our children."

OH SNAP! And now Bob is suing Frank for breach of contract, but the thing is... Contraception was never guaranteed.

Oh man. The things people get themselves into. So entertaining. Now all we need is to find out that Mary got an STD from real baby daddy, gave it to Frank, who gave it to Sally, who gave it to Bob. THAT'D be a happy ending, eh?!


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