Tuesday, April 21, 2009

watch: don't try this at home

As a gymnast and coach, it's safe for me to say that some people just shouldn't attempt to do a backflip. Sure, a lot of guys can just go for it, hope for the best, and it'll actually turn out successful. But many people don't have success.

Some people forget to check their equipment before trying it out:

And some people forget to always have extra mats... Even if it seems silly at the time:

Then there are the people who think they're perfect, every time:

And people who do it on accident, and somehow end up perfectly fine:

Some people, or like I said most people, just shouldn't try at all. Leave it to the people who know how, or at least get some RELIABLE help!

I even have a friend who thinks he's the bomb at flipping because he's a coach and all... Yet I've beat him in every flipping contest of our lives... Except one. ;)

Yikes. It's just not safe, people! So don't try it at home! Or alone! Unless you have a camera set up to tape the whole thing.


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