Tuesday, April 21, 2009

newsflash: the four corners aren't real

I'm pissed. Real pissed. I don't think I stand alone in saying that before I die, I want to be in four places at once... Or at least multiple places. If nothing else, I thought I could take the easy way out and venture to the Four Corners Monument at the intersection of Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, take the picture millions of people have, and call it a life.

Nope. No way. Can't do it. Impossible. Try again... With your own map.

Apparently it was placed in the wrong spot in 1912. After checking it out, the official report says that it should be placedat 37 degrees north latitude and 109 degrees west longitude... But is actually located at 36 59 56.31532 degrees north latitude and 109 02 42.62019 degrees west longitude.

If that doesn't sound like a big deal to you, which it didn't to me either, it is. It's 2.5 MILES AWAY from the actual intersection of the states.

So basically, good luck finding the real place with your map. Maybe in a couple of years when technology is even crazier, but for now, no one is fixing it. My hopes and dreams are crushed, and now so are yours. And the pictures you took at that monument... Might as well be thrown in the trash now. All you're doing in them is standing on some compass looking thing.


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