Monday, April 13, 2009

watch: amazing basketball

Forget any dunk you've seen, any crazy half-court buzzer beater that wins the championship, or any backwards random shot. None of those are the best shot you've ever seen. The one I'm about to show you is.

It's a little league team, and the buzzer is about to sound. What do they do? Well, just chuck it to the other side, of course.

Holy. Cow. It goes from the other side of the court, off the top of the backboard, into the ceiling, and down a cable thing... NOTHIN' BUT NET!!!

My question is... WHY IS NO ONE ELSE FREAKING OUT?!? DID THEY NOT JUST SEE THAT SHOT?! Wow. In-cred-i-ble. That kid deserves an award.


PS: This video has a little somethin' to do with that. Kinda. If you use your imagination. A cat wants to bounce off a backboard too and go for a dunk!

Dunking HIMSELF into the basket, of course!

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