Monday, April 13, 2009

meet bo: your first dog

The Obamas have finally brought a dog into the White House!

The media has been going completely nutso the past week trying to break the news, but most of it ended up being false. [Sometimes the early bird DOESN'T get the worm..] Now it's official-- Little Bo is in the House.

He's a Portuguese Water Dog and was given to the Obamas as a gift from Ted Kennedy. They say they named him Bo after singer Bo Diddley, and that it's also the nickname for Michelle's dad. I think it's all a lie. I think Bo stands for.. Well, Barack Obama. Duh. [Is the black and white thing mean somethin' too or am I reading WAY to into this?!]

Either way, the thing is cute. And I don't think he'll be biting any journalists like Bush's did.

Welcome home, Bo! Enjoy the spotlight!


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