Friday, April 10, 2009

update: celeb news in the past 48 hours

Quick updates on some thangs... Of course it seems like 239473324 things happen when I CAN'T be at my computer.

  • If you didn't already get the memo, SamRon and LiLo are done son! And Sam is thinkin' Lindsay is going to do something crazy. [As if that's something different. Maybe Sam IS the better one of the two?! Who knows. I see a Britney-freak-out-type thing happening here real soon, though.] [People Mag]
  • Patrick Swayze, who's dealing with pacreatic cancer, is down to just 105 pounds!!! It's absolutely terrible looking at the pictures and makes me want to cry... But he's not crying! Apparently he's still hangin' in there, so everyone pray uber hard for him! [National Enquirer]
  • Thanks to Twitter, I was really starting to like Soulja Boy. I felt like he wasn't the ridiculous young, annoying rapper that he originally came out to be. Then he had a "Twitter Photoshoot" with his new grill. Welcome back, ridiculousness. [Twitter]
  • Also thanks to Twitter, we have seen how PRECIOUS baby Bronx Mowli is! [Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz's baby!] He may be taking my top spot soon! Oh snap! [Twitter]
  • While Ashlee showed off the baby though, Pete was showing off his partying skills. He was pictured dancing on the tables with some not-so-clothed girls. This is not a good sign. [Star Mag]
  • And, speaking of pictures, a certain nobody posed in bikinis for OK Magazine. I would have NEVER expected her to look decent in one, but she's definitely rockin' it! Kathy Griffin! It's a little awkward, but not terrible! [Celebslam]
  • Miley has been everywhere promoting the Hannah Montana movie [out today!] including Good Morning America. She did pretty good! Her voice is definitely getting better, and hopefully she'll start acting like a real 16 year old again and not some crazy wanna-be 21 y/o girl. [BunnyWithFangs]
  • There's another celeb baby on the way! And it's about time for this couple! Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who have been married for 6 years now, are due in the fall! They're such a 90's couple, I'm surprised it took so long! But I have no doubt in my mind it'll be a precious baby, with a relatively normal name. Good. [People Mag]
  • Kanye got raped on South Park, and he responded quickly. It's pretty funny.. But we all know how I feel about Kanye anyways. [BunnyWithFangs]
That's it, I think! For now, anyways!


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Nomad said...

Freddie and Sarah Michelle are such a cute couple... congrats to them on their new arrival