Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tunes on tuesday 041409

Hello! Let's all welcome back Tunes on Tuesday after its brief intermission last week! This post should be good.

Electrik Red ft. Lil Wayne--> So Good Remix

"I shoulda never let you hit that, cuz now I can't forget that." Okay ladies! Workin' it! I can vibe with this, fo sho!

Tay Dizm ft. Akon--> Dream Girl

As wack as this guy looks, I have a feeling this song is going to be big. I'm callin' it now. Download it so ya know it ahead of time.

Nina Sky--> On Some Bullshit

I like this, too. They're keepin' it pretty real with the lyrics, but what are these gestures they're making at the camera?! These pretty girls are throwin' up their arms like they're a male rapper recording his first ever music video.. In his backyard.

Trey Songz--> Brand New

Sexy Trey. Mmm mm mm! I like him, I like the song, I like the video. Period.

Katy Perry--> Waking Up in Vegas

This one is probably going to be big, too. It's Katy Perry, it's about Vegas, and apparently it has a crazy video. She's stickin' around.

Kristinia DeBarge--> Goodbye

No idea who this girl is, but I'm LOVIN' the song! I love the remix/sample/whatever of the old Goodbye song, with a little kick! Could she be the new hottness?! This song will be, I bet.

Sean Kingston--> Fire Burning

The words are really pretty corny, but because his name is on this song [even though he's not that tite...], it'll probably become something. Brace yourselves, people.

Jessie James--> Wanted

OOH!! I love this!!! She's like... Part Pink, Part Christina Aguilera, and maybe part Kelly Clarkson... I love it! It's more of a style that we would have been sick of a couple years ago, but this might be my favorite of tonight. Maybe. I don't know.

Cash Cash--> Party in Your Bedroom

Ummm... Hmmm... Eh. I'm whatever with this song. Don't hate it, but I don't think it'll do to hott either.

Taylor Swift--> You Belong With Me

Make way for MORE Taylor Swift! She's basically like Carrie. She comes out with a song, and you're going to hear it, a lot, whether you like it or not. Take this as a warning: Here comes another one. [And maybe it's not TERRIBLE, but it's her, and I'm a hater sometimes.]

Darius Rucker--> Alright

This isn't my favorite of his first 3 singles, but it's not bad. You definitely hear his Hootie coming out. I like the song, I'm just not crazy about it. I could totally change my mind and love it, though. I already am kinda.

Bucky Covington--> I Want My Life Back

Typical, sad country song. It reminds me of "The Good Stuff" for some really odd reason. I'm still surprised this guy is making it. He was terrible on Idol. But hey, Idols succeed in the country world all crazy. I love it.

Alright, that's all I got for you guys today! But I think it's a good post! I tried to get the ones that I really see getting played a lot and people bumpin' to! And of course, the new DAY26 CD!! :-D


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