Wednesday, April 15, 2009

caught: diddy's a bad producer

As a producer, you should probably know the title of your artists' CD's.. Correct?

I've always said Diddy wasn't managin' his artists for their best interest, and this is just another way of showing it. All day he's been trying to help promote Day26's album [That YES, I DID buy on the release day!!!] all over Twitter, but I noticed he hasn't said the title of the album right once.

He's been calling it "Forever and a Day" the whole time. The real title: Forever IN a Day.

I replied to him asking why he was calling it that, no reply, obviously. I don't think anyone else has caught it, though.

Hmmm... Boys.. I think you need to sit your little bossman down and explain to him what the title is. It might help ya out a bit when people are searching for your album, songs, etc online.


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