Wednesday, April 8, 2009

real quick

Hey! I'm sorry I haven't been updating very well in the past 24 hours, and unfortunately I probably won't be able to until late tonight. I'm heading back to the DMV for Kane's birthday extravaganza at Six Flags with Sean Kingston and Colby O'Donis!!

So, real quick, I'll just give you a couple of things to check out:

A different kind of Poke[h]er face from Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Common:

No Doubt's first leaked song from the upcoming album, "Stand and Deliver."

Octomom is officially going to have her own TV show... As if we didn't see it coming. It's apparently a cross between Jon and Kate Plus 8 and the Bachelor. [Yeah, somehow they're going to find this crazy woman with 14 kids a man who will love her.......] Her only thoughts: Don't call her Octomom, and remember, she's not a celebrity. No duh, lady. But you sure are dragging out this annoying 15 minutes.

Que Mosley of Day26 apparently tried out for American Idol before! [According to his twitter] But Randy, Paula and Simon turned him away! Good thing they did, though. We wouldn't have the awesomeness of Day26, or the current drama of MTB4.

This is just cool:

And this is just crazy:

I can't get into it all yet, but these are my picks for bottom 3/voted out tonight. Just so that I can maybe keep my stats up. :-P

...Will be in the bottom 3, but unfortunately, I HATE to say this because I absolutely love him, he's going home:

I honestly hope I'm wrong. Or I hope he gets saved. But I just have a bad feeling....

Alright, enjoy those for the day! I'll be back later for more, hopefully!


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