Friday, April 24, 2009

nifty: x-rated garden gnomes

If you asked me if I thought garden gnomes, or awkward lawn ornaments in general, were lame/stupid, I'd shout YES!

But... If you asked me if I thought THESE were lame... I'd say H NO! They're hilarious! They're taking garden gnomes to a new level... The adults-only level.

I can't even pick which ones I like the best to share. I'm just going to show them all to you.

Look at my butt!

Peeping Tom

I hate my body

Washed up, old hags

Straight up X-rated

Oh my goodness. These are great. Apparently some lady tattled on her neighbor who had them, so now she has to cover them up. What a lame neighbor. I'd probably burn her house down.


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