Monday, April 6, 2009

nifty: wii spray

Truth: Graffiti is cool. Whether it's real and on buildings, or fake and on t-shirts etc. As long as it's not your things, and you didn't do it [or at least you aren't getting caught for it], it looks cool.

So, for all of you who have an addiction to it, or have always wanted to try it but are scared, Wii is coming through on the clutch for you! I introduce to you... The Wii Spray!

There's 128 different caps/cans that you can get as attachments to your Wii that are all different colors! It also has sample stencils that you can use!

The only downfall is it's probably good to have a projected screen TV, or at least an uber big one. Of course, I don't have one, but I wonder if you can do mini graffiti?! Saving your images would be totally cool, too!

Hmm.. To download, or not to download? It seems so neat and crafty!


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A/C said...

This is a pretty sweet idea. I wrote an article on this too for my site. Really hoping they release it.