Monday, April 20, 2009

nifty: spruce up your house

Lookin' for some extra accessories to add to your house to make it stand out amongst others you've been to? Well, I have some really great ideas for you.

First, we have something fun and useful. It's an alarm clock, but not just any alarm clock. Mr. Bump actually wants you to throw him against the wall when he wakes you up in the morning!

Not kidding. In order to turn him off, you throw him at the wall. He loves the abuse... And dares you to do it again.

Or you could go a little more on the useless side, but still fun of course. We all remember how amazing lava lamps were. [Shoot, how amazing they ARE.] Well, why not combine that fascination with your new found fascination: Drinking.

The shot glasses are shaped just like the lava lamps, and when you pour the liquid in there, they light up! When it's gone, they turn off. So not only does it look cool, but if someone doesn't finish their shot, you'll know.

Now for something useful, trendy, and just downright different. Forget your ordinary coffee table. Forget the coffee table you thought was cool at IKEA. This one beats all. It's the WILD card.

See what I mean?! The table is taking a leak on your carpet, and doesn't even care! What a BAMF!! You won't care either. In fact, you'll encourage this behavior as you show it off to all your friends. Just make sure animals or kids don't use the table as an example.

I've always said it and I'll say it again... Why just stand around when you can STAND OUT! [....Above the crown even if I gotta SHOUT OUT LOUD! Tonight is.... Oh wait. I'm ADDing. That's from a fabulous movie... Do you know it?]


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Kasey said...

i know it! :)
it's A Goofy Movie!
am i right?! LOL