Thursday, April 23, 2009

nifty: push up boxer briefs

The Wonder Bra is maybe one of the best things ever invented. Ladies can go from Saggy McDroopster to Perky Biggums in no time at all. Now, after quite some time, they've finally figured out a way to help out the guys, too.

I give to you... The Push-Up Pants.

There's a pocket in there that pushes the jewels up and out. No more flat frontal area!

Apparently they've been FLYING off the shelves! But all I can think is that all these people are walking around with what probably look like... Mmm... Happy penises. I guess guys won't have to worry about hiding them anymore, though. "It's my new underwear! Looks great, doesn't it!?"

The creator is now working on some bathing suits that will help guys "feel comfortable and look great in a suit, no matter what the temperature of the water is."

Hey, I say give 'em all the help they can get!


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