Wednesday, April 22, 2009

because you want to know: american idol 042209

Another week has passed, and the Idols have performed again. This time: Disco. Tonight: 2 people go home!

Normally disco night is an absolute train wreck. It's impossible to make those songs sound good these days. It's a genre that you have to rely on the singers to change up a little bit, and thankfully, they did!

I'm starting to believe that this may actually be one of the better seasons... Can you believe it?! The top 7 aren't too shabby.

  • Lil Rounds/I'm Every Woman--> Okay, I'll admit it now. It's time for her to go. Yes, she's good, but she's not proving that she's good enough.
  • Kris Allen/She Works Hard For the Money--> Uh. May. Zing. I think he's my front runner now. I had said I wanted Danny to win before, but now I think I changed my mind. The way he is able to change around songs into his own, and sound GREAT, without being some "weird, different, outrageous" person is cool. You don't see a big ego on him like you did Carrie or David, but he definitely has what it takes.
  • Danny Gokey/September--> He's good. Real good. Nothing crazy special this week, though... And his performances do feel a little forced sometimes, but I'm still rooting for him.
  • Adam Lambert/If I Can't Have You--> Everyone's picking him to be the winner, but I'm not jumping on that boat. Yes, he's REALLY good. And this week he slowed that song down perfectly, but there's somethin' about him that bugs me.
  • Allison Iraheta/Hot Stuff--> For a 16 year old girl, she turned her performance into sexy time! Her voice/arrangement was so sexual it could turn anyone on! I think her and Adam need to date, though. Weird?
  • Matt Giraud/Stayin' Alive--> Typical disco song, but he did it right. I think he did a pretty decent job proving that it was a good move to save him. I think he deserves to stay, but will he? I'm not sure.
  • Anoop Desai/Dim All The Lights--> Okay, I've figured him out. In order for me to still think he's the amazing singer I did since auditions, I have to close my eyes when he performs. He's way too awkward for me to watch, but his voice is pretty. And for some reason he's growing a mustache and beard. Uhhh.....
So who needs to stay?

Who's going to go: [2 of the following 3, hopefully.]

Paula was absolutely crazy this week. I think she was doing a little better for a while, but apparently she's back on her meds. A few of her comments:
  • To Kris after he performed a song by a female: "A lot of women shop in the men's department but few men shop in the women's department... And you did tonight."
  • To Adam as she's bawling her eyes out: "Adam, you tore your heart out and left it on the stage."
  • To Matt: "You pick songs like I bowl. Sometimes it's a strike, sometimes it's a complete miss."
Simon just said "I think I need a translator for this show." He's probably right. They also need to get better at their "act like Paula didn't say anything and move on" looks that I'm sure they tell everyone to have.

I haven't been doing too well with my predictions, but I really hope I'm right this week. I think the only one that truly NEEDS to go is Lil. I'd like to see Anoop go with her. We shall see tonight!


PS: Other Idol news:
  • Simon was offered $150,000 to judge a couple while they had sex, and he said no. Now he's regretting that decision, and upping the price. [BunnyWithFangs]
  • Paula might not be back next season! No more random, but funny!, comments! [PeopleMag]
  • Former contestant Michael Johns [with the cute english accent!] will be at Morgantown Mall this Saturday from 1-3.

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