Thursday, April 23, 2009

the new rules of kissing

In case you haven't noticed, times have changed since that time very long ago when chivalry was alive and kickin', and everyone had manners. Therefor, there needs to be a new rulebook on dating.

No, I don't have that whole book for you tonight, but I have a bit of a chapter of it. They are the new rules of a first kiss.
  1. Time it right. And that doesn't mean at the very end of the first or second date when you're saying goodnight. Do it within the first couple of dates, but do it spontaneously... When the other person isn't exactly expecting it.
  2. Guys AND girls can take the lead. Ladies, don't be afraid. If you want to kiss him, just do it! Why wait?
  3. Make them want more. Never let the first one last more than a couple seconds. Give them a preview of what you got, but quickly. Then pull away and see their reaction.
  4. Add a little extra touch. Normal kisses are boring. Touch their face, run your fingers through their hair, kiss their cheek, neck, whatever beforehand.
  5. Don't do anything weird. Thinking too out of the box when trying to put something extra into it is not always okay. Don't lick any faces or do weird things with your tongue.
Also- as an elizabethany-added tip, when the other person is biting their bottom lip, that normally means they want to kiss you. I've read it before, and I've proven it right many times. Trust me.

It's not hard, and pretty straight forward.. So don't go disobeying or forgetting any of these things! I'm just here to help.


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