Thursday, April 23, 2009

watch: beer bongs are dangerous

I'm a big fan of the beer bong. They get the party going, and draw a lot of attention to those who want it. It's also fun to see someone try it for the first time. Make sure there's always a camera ready for those moments.

Apparently they can be dangerous, though. Show-offs who think they can handle "THE BIGGEST BEER BONG EVER" may want to re-think about that statement before trying it out... Or at least watch this video.

Yeah. Not good. I have no idea how much was in there to begin with, and it seems like he went pretty slow, but it's hard to tell. I've seen the same thing happen though. Only this guy bonged a pitcher, gave a few high fives, fell over between the wall and a chair, and let out a loud fart. A moment I'll never forget.

Moral of the story: Do beer bongs. They're fabulous. But don't combine 5 into one. Be awesome by finishing one in under 1.5 seconds like I've seen before.


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