Saturday, April 4, 2009

i'm scared for his future

I wonder what celebs think when they see interesting videos of people dancing to their songs.

For instance, I wonder if Flo Rida has seen this video, and I wonder what his reaction was. [Besides the jaw drop.]

Holy. Crap. Who taught this kid his moves?! I didn't even watch the girl.. The boy was enough of a show for me! He jiggled it, got low, SMACKED HIS BUTT, did some crazy jump in the air and land on his knees thing... Oh my. That was serious!

I'm really trying to imagine this kids life in about 15 years. It looks so scandalous and dark. Unless, of course, he uses his amazing skills to become a choreographer.

Whatever.. I'm not going to talk bad about him. That video just made my day.


1 comment:

Bigrussbeats said...

Dude...i think he tried to do the worm there for a sec. awesome!