Wednesday, April 15, 2009

exclusive interview: the newjacks

It's time for another love, elizabethany EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!!

I've been waiting to do this one for a long time, but I just had to wait for the right time to get these guys. As of now you may not have heard of them, but just watch.. You'll be hearing a lot about them real soon. They're talented as a duo and individually, and given the chance, they'll take the world by storm.

Today they released their first mixtape as a duo, which gave me the perfect opportunity to call them up and have a little chat... With an exclusive performance, too, of course! Check it out:

To check out their mixtape, click on the picture of the cover above.
Check out their Myspaces by clicking on the following pictures.

As for whether or not they look like Cuba Gooding Jr and The Game... YOU be the judge:

What do you think??

I think they're definitely them! Wow. But anyways, spread the word, people! I'm counting on you to help me help these guys out. We thank you! ;)


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