Wednesday, April 15, 2009

because you want to know: american idol 041509

Last night on Idol: Movie night. AKA another one of those "do whatever you want and find what movie it's been in" nights.

I think we've finally weeded out the people who are just downright bad. So now it's a little harder to determine what's going to happen. Here's what they sang, though:

  • Allison Iraheta/I Don't Want To Miss A Thing: Simon deemed her the only hope for the girls in the competition, and I probably agree. She's amazing. And did I mention only 16?
  • Anoop Desai/[Everything I do] I Do It For You: The judges think he improved a lot and did a great job, but I think he needs to be the next to go. Sure, he improved... But he's not great like I thought he'd be.
  • Adam Lambert/Born To Be Wild: He had a lot to live up to, and I'm not sure he did BETTER than last week, but he can't do wrong. He's a crazy performer, and though I think the screaming is a little much sometimes, he's the most talented on the show.
  • Danny Gokey/Endless Love: I liked it, but the judges were mixed. I don't think he can do any wrong, either. Plus it made me tear up a little not only because he's great, but thinking about his dead wife.
  • Matt Giraud/Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman: He's a very talented singer, and I like when he plays the piano... But he's a tad forgettable. Unless he makes it, I don't know we'll remember him/this next season or in a couple years.
  • Kris Allen/Falling Slowly: This kid is just way too precious to not be less than a foot from me. I mean.. Uhh... He did a good job, as usual. Nothing too over the top, and still a little forgettable, but he's a great singer, and I love him.
  • Lil Rounds/The Rose: Okay, I'm sick of them picking on her. She's a good singer! She's better than some of the people still on the show! Why are they telling her it's just not quite there? They're thinkin' she's someone else from the past or somethin', and it's not good.
Who I think will be in the bottom 3:

I think Lil's fans will come through for her. Danny and Adam are destined to be safe. Allison, I'm just hoping she's safe, I guess. Who will go home? Honestly, I think Kris or Matt. The forgettable factor is a killer.

We'll find out tonight! Jennifer Hudson and Miley are also performing! Wahoo! [Miley definitely prerecorded hers a good 1 or 2 weeks ago, though. Hmmm...]


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