Monday, March 23, 2009

what you need to get

Apparently a week away means coming back to all kinds of inventions that smart people are coming up with.

For instance, the Fat-Burning Panties.

The Japanese have invented these undies made of polyester nanofiber, which has been PROVEN to give women a little extra weight-loss.

They say they're extra flexible and soft, and are helping women lose centimeters off their waists!

Sign me up!!

Not impressed? Well, for all you movie-buffs, you're about to start enjoying them a lot more!

Someone from Phillip's Electronics invented a jacket that vibrates in a variety of ways to help the viewer feel the emotions the character is feeling. Things like anxiety, tension, and heartbeat can be felt through these little vibrations.

And don't worry... You won't feel any kicks or punches from Bruce Lee. That's not what it's made for.

I'm thinking if you're already emotional, this may not be the best idea. But say your significant other laughs at how stupid movies are... Put this sucker on them. Maybe they'll see movies from a whole new light.

You better not be thinking "none of this is cool." If you are, fine. How about a FLYING CAR?!

Yeah, straight out of the Jetsons, your dreams, imaginations, and things you've heard.

It's more like a transformer-vehicle, or something. It goes from car, to folding it's wings out and turning into a plane.

It's set to be out on the market in 2011, apparently. But, woah. That "car" must go SUPER fast!!! Also, I wonder how much gas costs, how much it uses, everything.

But convertibles, move over. You're no longer cool unless you have WINGS that fold away.

Okay, okay.. So you need one more totally awesome invention to believe it's been a good couple of days for inventors.

Let's say you're on the beach, or a cookout, or find an unopened can of soda, beer, whatever you want. The sound of it is so delicious, but it's not exactly clean.

If you're anything like me, you'll find a little water, clean it off, and open that sucker up. If you're NOT like me, and it's got to be all spic and span clean, you can get this little gadget:

It disinfects the tops of cans with a UV ray! You just place your can in there, and you're free to drink whatever you want, with no risk!

You just need to find a way to carry it around without people wondering "what the h?!" ....Good luck with that.

So, empty your piggy banks, or get to savin', because these are the latest trendy toys, and no one wants to be behind the times, right?


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