Thursday, March 5, 2009

the real wolfman

Forget turning into a wolf at night and howling at the moon... That's for the old days.

Imagine really living, eating, hunting, doing EVERYTHING with wolves, all of the time.

There's a man who literally lives in the woods with wolves, and his wifey.

I had never heard of him until today, but there's apparently a whole show on him on the Animal Planet called "Living with the Wolfman."

In order to be able to live with them, and gain their trust, this guy put raw meat into his mouth, and had the wolves eat from his mouth. When his girlfriend came around, she had to do the same thing.

This is crazy. They're caged in now, but apparently they used to be all in the wild, in a cave. Wow.

I want to do more on this, but I can't right now. I'm super busy but wanted to get something to you. Check back for more tomorrow or something! :)


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