Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a new kind of note home

If prostitution was a "huge problem" in your area, and you were a lawmaker of some sorts, what would you do to lessen the issue?

Maybe put some more police out to watch out for the ladies? I don't have any idea, really.. But I don't think I'd do what Florida is doing.

Whenever a man is arrested for being involved with a prostitute, or soliciting one, they're sending a note home to the man's wife to tattle on him.


First of all... What if he's not even married or in a relationship? This is assuming that everyone who goes to a prostitute has a significant other.

Second... A lot of people are complaining about getting in trouble before even seeing a day in court. As in, their wife will punish them, maybe even ask for a divorce, before they are able to prove their innocence.

What a stupid idea. Let's all act as grown-ups, and not be tattletales or get notes home like we had a bad day at school. Let's stop the hookers from walking the streets.

It's not like we want to see those platform shoes, big hair, and awkward outfits anyways, right?!


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Milfypoo said...

It would just be easier to legalize prostitution, and heavily tax it, so the government could get some money to help with the budget FAIL. It's not like this will ever be stopped, so why not profit off of it, while reducing the crime associated with it?