Friday, March 27, 2009

life lessons 032709

It's time for more life lessons!

Learn, and think, before you do this weekend, people!

1. If you are on live TV, and someone next to you passes out, don't just look at her.

That guy just lost every chance he could have ever gotten in the future with any lady. So much for chivalry.

2. If you are bigger than your mode of transportation, don't try and do tricks on it.

Did he really think that would work out alright in the end? Let's be honest...

3. If you want to eat Dibs ice cream and look cool at the same time, you better be prepared to work hard at it.

Holy cow. These things fascinate me. How do they even come up with it all?! And I totally miss those sweet marbles tubes things!

4. Don't try and play a prank on your parents at 2am. You might come across something you weren't expecting.

Oh my. I'd be scarred for life. Forget ever looking at my parents again.

5. Don't bring your mom on Spring Break with you. She might think she's young again, and enter into a booting shaking contest.

Apparently she also made out with another contestant, and flashed everyone. Not okay. Although I would have been dying of laughter if I were there, and it was my friend's mom or something.

Alright, don't do anything crazy this weekend, kids! As for me, I'll be in PITTSBURGH seeing BRITNEY SPEARS tonight! Holy cow, I can't wait!


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