Monday, March 2, 2009

life lessons 030209

Normally I save the life lessons for Friday, but I'm going to teach you a couple of things real quick to get you started on the week.

  • If you're going to shoplift, wear some clothes that won't easily come off. Or, at least get a good workout in before the camera catch you. [It takes a while to get into the good stuff.. Sorry.]

I can't believe they literally held him down! The employee was straight straddling him! As if that doesn't look awkward having a chubby, shirtless kid, being straddled by a skinny guy so that he doesn't steal.

  • If you're car is up on a tow truck, and you don't have the time or money to have it get towed away, just do what this lady does:

I never even thought of that! What a smart lady! See, women DO make smart driving decisions!

  • If you have a bunk bed, and a hammock underneath, chances are you probably think you're really cool. Chances are you're right. Chances are that you'll have some haters, who will bring your coolness to an end.

I'm thinking they didn't expect this to happen. WOOPSIES! It did. And now you have a lot of money to pay back to the school.

So, make some good decisions this week, my friends! And if you learn anything valuable, please feel free to share with the rest of us.


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