Monday, March 23, 2009

can't miss any ellen

I would have updated a lot more today had I not been catching up on a week's worth of Ellen. It had to be done, though. It was UBER eventful!

First of all! The biggest event of the week! She's been counting it down, and finally her wife, Portia de Rossi on the show!

I hate to say it, but I was a little disappointed with it. Portia doesn't seem as exciting and fun as I assumed she'd be, paired up with Ellen. Thankfully, we saw some other fun-sides of her/them.

They played "Aw Snap!"

Yayy Ellen! They also played The Newlywed Game

And, of course, they had to add on to the Bathroom Concert Series. This is my favorite part:

Man, I love that concert series! I'm still mad I didn't take part. Ugh.

Then, one day she did a monologue about Spring Break. Normally, the opening monologues aren't my favorite part of the show. Yes, they're funny, but I normally find other things better. Not this time. It was absolutely perfect.

She then decided she wanted MC Hammer on her show, because they're in a little competition for the most followers on Twitter. So, they tweeted back and forth a couple of times, and the video that her and her mom did to catch his attention... Well, let's just say it certainly got the job done.

Her mom is more of a trip than she is!! How does she not break out into that uncontrollable, tearful laugh that she does sometimes?! I love it. And yes, MC Hammer confirmed, he's going to be on the show TOMORROW! [Tuesday!] So watch, fo' sho!

Finally.. Ever since she got George Clooney on the show, she's had a new mission: Being on the cover of O Magazine. [Oprah's magazine..] She FINALLY got it on Friday! Oprah completely surprised her via Skype.

The things she does to get what she wants.. I love it! But I have the same question that Ellen, and probably everyone has... What now?! George, check. O, check. ....? Hmmm...

So that's the gist of last week on Ellen! Now we're all caught up! Finally!

Ellen, thanks again for being really great! We love you!


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