Thursday, February 12, 2009

what a good workout

I came home from class the other day to discover an interesting show on my TV.

It wasn't anything raunchy, nothing outrageous, and no one was singing. It was an old lady, teaching me how to get a good workout.

And how was I going to do it? By sitting down. And tapping my knees and pointing my toes. Simple as that.

Seriously.. This is a real show, that teaches people how to get a "good workout" and tone up their bodies, by sitting down in a chair. It's called "Sit and Be Fit."

Are you as speechless as I was when I first saw it?!

I mean, that's just a tease! I'm sure you wish you could see a whole show, now. And you definitely feel like you're going to end up super skinny by doing this for about a week.

I say give it a shot. Look it up on your cable stations, and Tivo that ish. Let me know how it works out for ya. And always remember to lift your leg and tap your knee.


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