Thursday, February 26, 2009

sweetest house ever

Quite possibly the coolest house I've ever seen or heard of might be foreclosed on! The owner Curt Sleeper can't afford to pay his mortgage anymore, and is now trying to sell it on eBay for 300,000$. I know, I know. If it's selling for 300,000, how cool can it be?!

Well, it's a CAVE! An actual house, built within 17,000 feet of cave! And it's super pretty. Check it out:

Seriously.. How AWESOME would it be to say you lived here?! It's in St. Louis, so I say if you're ANYWHERE near there.. Or looking for a place to live in that area... Go to eBay!!

And then... Ask me to come visit you. KThanks.

Oh, and for more facts and pictures about this awesomeness, click here.


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