Thursday, February 26, 2009

the end

The trailer for season 5 of The Hills is out... And it's going to be the final season. Or so LC says.

She says she's bringing it to an end because she wants to end it while it's still on top.

I'm thinkin' she's lying. I'm going to say it's because her and Heidi are sick of fighting, now is the time to be friends again, and what would the show be AFTER they became best friends again?! It'd be boring.

All of the staring and everything they do right now, would be even more! What would they talk about?!

Oh, and if you don't believe me about them getting over their "differences," and MAYBE the end of Speidi, check out the trailer:

Ohhh man. I'm sure this is going to be just SO FABULOUS and INTRIGUING!!!!!!............


PS: You think the taroh card lady is REALLY a fortune teller.. Or has just seen a few episodes of the show?!

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