Tuesday, February 3, 2009

startin 'em young

Fact: Texting is taking over the world.
Fact: Kids are being given cell phones when they're in elementary school, which is too young.
Fact: There is now a Blackberry-style device that is teaching PRE-SCHOOLERS how to text!

Thanks to Leapfrog, kids won't have to fight with their parents for time with the cell phone. They can have their own and be JUST like Mommy and Daddy!

Seriously, it's called the "Text & Learn" and is designed to teach kids how to type/text on handheld devices just after learning how to read.

Oh boy. This can't be good. They're going to learn how to text before writing or even typing. That's always a smart thing to teach your kid.

I mean really... What happened to not always giving your kid what they want?! So what if they want your Blackberry? They can have the old house phone that isn't being used anymore if they want a toy. OR.. They can get really old fashioned and use their hands/fingers for a phone.

No wait.. That's impossible. Imagination is endangered, VERY close to extinction.

I'm worried for the kids. Really, I am. This is not okay.


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