Monday, February 23, 2009

genius of the week

I know it's early, and there's some great potential for someone to do great things this week, but I'm giving out my "Genius of the Week" award right now.

What did this genius do, you ask? Invented the PB Slice.

Basically, move over Kraft Singles.. There's a new single in town that everyone's going to want.. The Peanut Butter Slice.

Granted, it's fun getting the PB out of the jar and licking the knife clean (which is always safe), and there's no crunchy PB slices yet, but this is awesome!

PLUS! You can feel okay about just eating some peanut butter. Just grab a slice! And it's SO easy to put on crackers now! Mmmm..

I'm actually surprised it's never been out before. I wonder how long it will take to come out with the PB&J Swirl Slice?!?! I'm patenting it!!

The only bad thing for me is that it's not sold in a lot of places yet. Mostly over to the West and in NY. Lame.


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Anonymous said...

my uncle works for a cheese company up in wisconsin and a while back they pitched PB&J slices just like these but they were both peanut butter and jelly but i guess they werent very popular.