Monday, February 23, 2009

something different

Change really HAS come!

After George Mason's Homecoming weekend, one more thing has proven that America is finally being a little less hateful towards differences.

They elected their Homecoming Queen, Reann Allen, over 2 other girls.

Oh wait.. I didn't tell you why this is different. Reann is more than a Homecoming queen.. She's a drag queen as well... Real name: Ryan.

Obviously news stations, blogs, etc are freaking out over this whether they're excited about it or furious.. But only one thing matters, and that's what Reann/Ryan thinks about it. And he's pretty excited for his/her school.

He says this just shows the diversity that is surrounding the DC area and how people are really accepting people like him, and everyone in general.

I agree. I think it's fabulous. Interesting and different.. But fabulous.


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