Tuesday, February 24, 2009

dummy reporter

Ahh, yes. Another reporter doing something that everyone else would know not to do. But when you gotta get the story, you'll do anything to make it the best.

Still, some things aren't always worth it. For instance, if you're story has something to do with a train, that still doesn't mean you should stand within inches of the tracks before a train comes.

She's lucky she didn't get swept away, really. Or, imagine if something would have went terribly wrong, and something like this happened:

Woah. How did that guy NOT freak out?! Talk about scary.

What a trooper, though. The first thing he does is pull his camera back out. Genius.

All I'm sayin' is... Reporters have to use their noggin a little more... For things OTHER THAN finding the story. [Woops. I hope professors don't come running after me now..]


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